About Exit Empire

Exit Empire is a Czech band formed in Hodonin in 2016. The group consists of lead singer Rafael Eimut, guitarist Timmy Ruzicka, and drummer Premek Ruzicka.

The themes of their debut album released in 2017 were expressed in its guitar-heavy arrangements and strong choruses. Labeled as post-hardcore or alternative metal, the music and lyrics were met with critical acclaim. Written to mirror the band members' personal struggles and relationships of that time, the album was "most satisfying to play live and get it out of the system", the band says.

Following a promotional tour across Czechia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, or Dubai in 2018, the band spent time in Los Angeles and New York meeting various producers to shape their artistic vision. Giving themselves several years worth of time to work on discovering who they really are now and what music they want to capture during this era, they are now finishing their confident upcoming album.

How does it sound when a man is caught in a whirlwind of a passionate date with a beautiful woman? Exit Empire's new music keeps its unique darker atmosphere and adds pulsating electro rhythm and calm, deep vocals. Even with tribal elements and rock ambient guitars, the album is best described as seductive pop, telling stories of the underlying intimacy, tension and passion between lovers.

In 2024, the band commenced live performances featuring tracks from the upcoming record, having been told by women that they want to listen to it during a hot shower, and by men that it inspires them to go achieve something great.